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BizTalk conference Stockholm videos

Authors of the Applied Architecture Patterns on the Microsoft Platform book presented a lecture series based on their book at BizTalk user group Sweden. These recordings are available at Channel9 now: Advertisements

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BizTalk Server 2006 R2 Beta

The first public beta of BizTalk Server 2006 R2, the software I am working on from last 2 years is released today. Download is just a simple registration away   Try it out, and send us your feedback.

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BizTalk online resources

BizTalk online resources (via .NET Banana) 1. The product site: 2. The developer center: 3. The tech center: 4. BizTalk 2004 White Papers: 5. BizTalk 2006 White Papers: 6. Application Integration and Web Services Patterns and Practices: 7. Integration Patterns: reading

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