You’ll Love The new Internet Explorer 9 Beta

Microsoft has launched a new browser – Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) beta. I know you’re thinking that it is just another browser, ain’t it? Yes, it is a new browser, but it is different. It is a BROWSER that is redefining web browsing!

IE9 beta provides a rich and immersive experience of your favorite websites that make online browsing much more beautiful! You don’t believe me? Even other browsers agree. Check what competitors have to say about IE9 beta:

I downloaded the IE9 beta and I am sharing three features that left me pleasantly surprised:

1. The multimedia experience in IE9 beta is AMAZING! It was like one of those sci-fi movies. Before IE9 beta, I didn’t even know a browser could do all that. Download IE9 beta and check out or and you’ll know what I mean!


2. With IE9 beta, the sites that I opened looked cool and aesthetic! They almost shine through! What I loved more was that with IE9 beta, I can go to my favorite sites/web pages straight from my desktop. So no more searching for URLs and navigating through numerous pages.


3. Everything on IE9 beta is fast and quick. IE9 beta takes full advantage of the power of the computer’s hardware to make the sites superfast! Almost as fast and responsive as applications installed on the computer.


I am super excited about how IE9 beta has enriched my online experience. Download the IE9 beta version today, to experience it for yourself.

Log on to

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