BizTalk online resources

BizTalk online resources (via .NET Banana)

1. The product site:
2. The developer center:
3. The tech center:
4. BizTalk 2004 White Papers:
5. BizTalk 2006 White Papers:
6. Application Integration and Web Services Patterns and Practices:
7. Integration Patterns:
8. Architecture for BizTalk Server 2004:
9. SOA in the Enterprise:
10. Download for BizTalk 2004 trial software:
11. Download for BizTalk 2006 Beta 2:
12. What’s New in BizTalk 2006:
13. The Blogger’s Guide to BizTalk (lot’s of articles from BizTalk blogs, good article on how to learn BizTalk):
14. Virtual Labs for BizTalk:
15. GotDotNet:
16. BizTalk 2004 Power Toys:
17. BizTalk Performance Blog:
18. BizTalk Core Engine Blog:
19. BizTalk Customer Response Team Blog:
20. Scott Woodgate’s blog:
21. Kris Horrocks’ blog:
22. Jon Flanders’ blog:
23. Luke Nyswonger’s blog:
24. Eldar Musayev’s blog:
25. Owen Allen’s blog:
26. Marty Wasznicky’s blog:
27. Kevin Smith’s blog:

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