Seven Deadly Sins of Interviewing

The Ladders has posted the Seven Deadly Sins of Interviewing and a forum where you can share your own experiences.
You have years of experience, you’ve earned respect and accolades in your field, but any arrogrance will come back to bite you. Treat each person at the company with respect and kindness, or they might find a way to sabotage your interview.
Laziness, idleness and wastefulness
Don’t wing it! Make sure to prepare informed questions. Be able to show knowledge of your potential employer, awareness of the industry, and the company’s business strategy. The level of detail in your questions should match your experience.
An excessive quest for money and power
Remember, first you have to get the offer. Then, you can negotiate the terms. Never ask about salary and perks in the initial interview. Set aside those questions for later… much later.
The desire to consume more than you need
The interviewer is trying to learn about your skills, talents, experiences, and your ability to succeed in the job – not your whole life story. Taking 45 minutes to answer a single question will get you nowhere.
Feelings of hatred, revenge or denial
The person sitting across from you – who may be your next boss – identifies more with your past bosses than she does with you. Badmouthing old colleagues will leave a terrible taste in your potential employer’s mouth.
The desire to do what you want, not do what you should
Don’t dress for your comfort, dress for the situation. Always wear a suit to an interview, even if the dress code is business casual. You might stick out like a sore thumb while you’re in the lobby, but you’ll never lose points for being dressed professionally.
The desire for what you don’t have now
Your "dream job" should the one you’re interviewing for right now. If it’s clear you really want to do something else, it’s tough for an interviewer to believe that you’ll bring all your capabilities and focus to the demands of this job.
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